Young Radcliffe is a 12 strong community group comprising mainly of parents with teenagers and younger children that was set up in response to needs identified by young people in the Radcliffe on Trent Community Plan 2012/13.

The resultant Action Plan 2014-2024 sets out a vision for the future of the village and was the result of extensive consultation, open meetings and surveys with the whole community, including specific youth surveys and consultations with schools and groups. Clear demand emerged for events for the whole village aimed primarily at teenagers.

Young Radcliffe therefore organised a music festival, RadFest 2k17 in July 2017, RadFest 2k18 in June 2018 and Radfest 2019 in June 2019. All years, the event was held at the local recreation ground and was funded entirely by donations, grants and ticket sales. Initially aimed at 12-18s, all ages were welcome.  Each year, our numbers have grown and in 2019 we attracted around 2,500 people, around half being under 18. Volunteers came en-masse to help including marshals, technical teams, site decorators and litter pickers. We were able to raise sufficient funds to offer tickets at low cost.  We feel this was instrumental in ensuring that the event was as inclusive as possible.

Our next event, Radfest 2020 will be held on Saturday 20th June 2020.  We anticipate that up to 3,000 people will come along. We are looking at additional ways this year to engage young people and give them more ownership and involvement on how this event is run.  We want this year to be bigger and better than ever before!

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We are always looking for volunteers on the day to help set-up, tidy away, marshal, litter pick, the list is endless - if you can offer any help whatsoever, please click the button below!

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